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CAR Battery Jumper

No more worry about draining your batteries while you are on the go.

Product details of Jump Start Car Power Bank (HIGH POWER) & Tire Inflate device (Emergency mobile power supply)

  • Combination of car jump start & Tire inflator for emergency use
  • High power & capacity
  • Best deal for the combination, easy and safe to use
  • Reputable brand with high sales volume across multiple countries
  • Supports 12V-16V-19V vehicle jump start, mean while also supports general electronics devices charging.
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Car Battery Jumper

1. It can start Gasoline car below 6.0L, Diesel car below 4.0L, motocycle, boat , snowmobile, etc. when you encounter an emergency.
2. It can be used as a mobile power bank. With 89800mAh capacity, it can charge for 5V smart phone, tablet PC, camera, GPS device, MP3, wireless headphone, hand-held gaming machine, etc. The output voltage can be switched between 12V/16V/19V, indicated on the LCD screen.
3. It has LED flashlight function. Three modes available: Torch(40 hours), Quick Flashing(30 hours) and SOS modes(120 hours). Laptop Charging can be 3 hours and Smart Phone full charging 10 times. (Car Jumper cabability at full performance)
4. Starting a vehicle approximately 30 times After fully charged. (Car Jumper cabability at full performance)

Battery capacity: 89800mAh
LED illumination light with voltage output indicator and battery indicator.
12V / 16V / 19V voltage output indicator lights
12V / 16V / 19V — 2A / 3A / 3.5A output
Electrical quantity indicator light.
Input: 15V/1A
USB Output: 5V/2A
DC Output: 12V/16V/19V
Start Current: 300A
Peak Current: 600A
Cycle Life: 3000 times
Operating Temperature: -20°C – 60°C
Certification: CE, Rohs, FCC, UL, MSDS
Product Weight: 474g
Package Weight: 1.21Kg

Air Pump

1. Please read the user manual carefully before using this product.
2. USB port and DC port can not be used simultaneously.
3. Each time you finish jump-start, you shall wait at least 30 seconds to perform the next jump-start.
4. Your jump starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If less than 30% charged, it may not be able to start your engine.
5. For the first use, please fully discharge the battery and then charge it for 12 hours so as to activate the battery.



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Multi-Function Emergency Car

  • 23000mAh
  • Start 12V vehicle,24V truck/bus
  • Charge laptop,mobile,tablet PC and other digital devices
  • SOS-Strobe-Flash light-Lamp.
·Start 12V car ,24V truck,bus,construction machine vehicle
·Support hot summer and extremely cold winter.(operation temperature-40℃—85℃)
·Charge for wide digital devices,such as laptop,tablet PC,mobile phone,camera etc.
·Lighting Almighty power: Headlamp,SOS, table lamp, red alrert vehicle-mounted.
·Almighty power: car refrigerator,car tire pump,car cleaner,etc.